Backing over 80 million users worldwide and catering to many well-known companies, ZOHO has maintained its status as a business necessity in the modern digital era. ZOHO is a widespread suite of Enterprise Resource Management tools. Consisting of 50+ applications that span the realms of Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Email & Collaboration, Human Resources, Finance, Security & IT Management, and many more; ZOHO aims to cater to all the day-to-day needs of your thriving business. 

Who should switch to ZOHO?​ Best suited to work seamlessly with businesses in the SME and MSME sector, ZOHO’s functionalities can ensure efficient and total control of your business and its processes.

    Here is why ZOHO might be right for you. ZOHO at its core is designed for easy integration into any existing system. Accompanied by its faster cloud storage, ZOHO’s individual modules are enabled to back up and maintain your business’s information while simultaneously running each of its processes.
      You don’t have to start from scratch. Not only does it integrate well into any existing system, but it also supports multiple API integrations for ancillary plugins and applications that your business may require. ZOHO is tailored to be tax compliant with the laws and regulations of the areas in which it is deployed.
        Make ZOHO work for you In addition, ZOHO’s robust suite of applications supports workflow automation and boasts easy customization, enabling your business to deploy and manage your manpower efficiently while cutting major costs in the long run.
          User-Friendly ZOHO wraps all these functionalities up in a neat and user-friendly UX and UI that is one of the best in its industry. Thus, ZOHO can ensure that you have complete coverage of all of your business needs. This versatility is why ZOHO is trusted by millions of successful companies worldwide for their business needs.

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            Who is Zoho CRM for?

            Zoho CRM is such an easy-to-use CRM,  that it’s an ideal pick for startups and small businesses that need to implement client and contact management along with sales forecasting and marketing automation features within its business infrastructure.

            What are the benefits of Zoho CRM?

            • Secure and reliable: ZOHO has in-built, advanced security features such as encryption, audit logs, etc. This ensures data protection and keeps your business free of security threats.
            • Mobile accessibility: Stay on the move with ZOHO. Its cloud storage and mobile applications allow your team to effectively stay connected and updated and close deals while keeping everyone in the loop.
            • Quick onboarding: Zwitch is the migration system that ZOHO uses. Zwitch is a very convenient tool that brings all your existing data into the ZOHO CRM solution with just a few simple clicks. 
            • Customer support: ZOHO has a dedicated Enterprise support system. This gives you access to a highly skilled support system of engineers that are available to you every hour of every day for the whole year. 

            What are the limitations of Zoho?

            • Not suitable for manufacturing concerns or larger enterprises with high turnover
            • Not cost-effective: ZOHO implementation runs on a subscription model that requires renewals every year. Your business will also have to pay additional fees for each new module added to your product. Because of the cost, the ROI on using ZOHO becomes ineffective in the long run.
            • Segregation of information is difficult: A business with multiple branches, ideally, would like to ensure that information related to each branch is maintained separately to ensure control over its data. However, ZOHO does not segregate effectively between branches. This may cause data tampering between branches due to human error.
            • One ZOHO per organization: Companies with subsidiaries, for example, will have to subscribe to ZOHO separately to implement the CRM effectively between parent, associate, and holding companies.

            What are some of the key features of Zoho CRM?

            • Sales Force Automation: ZOHO can automate routine sales, marketing, and support functions that take up valuable work time, giving you more time to concentrate on your customers. Create optimized workflows that help you speed up your overall process.
            • Analytics: Zoho CRM’s reports, analytics, and forecasts can measure the performance of every sales activity, and break quotas down into achievable targets.
            • Customization: ZOHO can combine various features to mold your CRM to fit your business, the information you collect, the way you view your information, and even the language and currency that can be tailored to meet your needs.
            • Team Collaboration: ZOHO can create groups, tag other reps, share sales updates, or simply leave behind helpful notes for other teammates. Your team can connect and work from anywhere with ease.
            • Integrations: Zoho Marketplace offers a host of integrations for third-party applications you use every day, like Google Drive, DocuSign, MailChimp, Google Ads, and more.