Accu 360 is a cloud-based accounting software that is designed to help businesses manage their financial and accounting needs. Built on a modular design, Accu360 allows you, the user, to subscribe and operate each separate business process based on necessity. This also allows you to opt for only the solutions that your business needs, while leaving room for your business to scale up as it grows.

Consider the switch to Accu360. ​ This ERP has cornered a large market share with manufacturing concerns because of its efficiency in handling complex manufacturing. It is best equipped to handle SME and Large scale businesses.
    It’s designed to be spectacular ​ Accu360 is designed to provide all the compliances and localization support required to fit into any corner of the international market. Not only that but with its cutting-edge research and development into IoT (Internet of Things) and AI capability; Accu360 is capable of integrating its software with multiple devices that monitor various aspects and costs of running your business in real-time.
      Its approach to problem-solving is unique ​ Accu360 boasts specialized modules enabling warehouse management. Workflow management is also swift, easy to implement, and monitored with Accu360. With an industry-oriented approach, Accu360 has customized its ERP software to cater to the unique needs of various industries. 
        Enjoy a user-friendly experience ​ The software is designed to be easy to use and customize, with a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation. Additionally, the software integrates with other popular tools like bank feeds, payment gateways, and point-of-sale systems to provide a streamlined experience. Furthermore, it offers a range of features for automating accounting functions and providing real-time visibility into financial data, giving business owners the ability to make better business decisions.
          Unmatched Real-time accuracy The real-time accuracy of Accu360 accompanied by its easy customization and operational efficiency makes it a solid competitor in the business process automation marketplace. It has a proven track record in the global market and boasts an extremely cost-effective approach with regard to its deployment. Thus, Accu360 ensures a desirable ROI to go along with its complete and customizable ERP.

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            What is Accu360 software used for?

            Accu360 is a Cloud-based ERP solution for solving many business challenges. These challenges include providing data confidentiality, reducing costs, and more depending upon your business’s unique infrastructure and environment. It also helps optimize many ancillary functions like financial functions, including payroll and inventory management.

            What are the benefits of Accu360?

            • Data Confidentiality: Industrial information is highly sensitive and confidential and the procedure of placing them in file folders or storing them on your internal network is long gone and outdated.
            • Reducing Operational & work order costs: Keeping operational costs and work order costs low and profitability high is key to any successful organization. Every industry needs to improve operational efficiencies while also reducing the value of material, labor, and outsourcing.
            • Streamlined integrated control: At any given timeframe, there are hundreds of individual functions taking place within a typical organizational setting. And with Accu360, monitoring and controlling these functions are just fingertips away.
            • Localisation:  Accu360’s inbuilt localization system, allows you to easily extend your business into global markets by providing features like Diverse currencies, Multiple languages, and Tax regulations techniques across different countries.
            • Real-time accuracy: The real-time accuracy of Accu360 accompanied by its easy customization and operational efficiency makes it a solid competitor in the business process automation marketplace. It has a proven track record in the global market and boasts an extremely cost-effective approach concerning its deployment.
            • Modular Design: Accu360 has a wide array of modules that can be customized for your business’s beneficial use and automation. Its modular design allows you to pick and choose what is right for your growing business.

            What are the stages of implementation in Accu360?

            At Cascade Headway we have developed a Standard Operating Procedure for implementing ERP solutions within an existing infrastructure. The steps are as follows:
            • Step 1: Identify the pain points of the organization: We study the business and its workflow so that we can determine the points where the workflow has the highest chance for breakdowns and inefficiencies.
            • Step 2: Implement workflow: We take time to redesign the business workflow to eliminate these weak points. In doing so, we reduce weak points, breakdowns, and inefficiencies to a minimum.
            • Step 3: Proof of Concept (POC): We set up a walkthrough of the entire system to demonstrate how the newly implemented workflow has positively impacted your business process. This will illustrate the implementation of the entire redesign including the integration of third-party plugins and applications as requested upon initial engagement.
            • Step 4: Get it up and running: The redesigned workflow is implemented, in its entirety, into the business. We then provide training to your existing staff so they can learn to operate the newly implemented ERP in their day-to-day activities within the enterprise. During this transition period, we can provide temporary manpower to run the new ERP system while your staff is being trained. 
                    All of this is included as a package in the initial implementation charge.
            • Step 5: Routine follow-up and advisory: Our team will be on standby to ensure that the implemented system runs smoothly. We shall provide constant monitoring for breakdowns and inefficiencies. Our advisory team will also be available to aid with business decisions regarding scaling up your business and modifying your implemented ERP design and workflow.

            What are the limitations of Accu360?

            • Not suitable for small businesses: Accu360 is not a required investment when it comes to the smaller MSME sector. Its implementation cost can be a burden to a smaller business.
            • Excessive features: Accu360 requires only a one-time payment for implementation. However, this means that your business gets access to features that may not be required at present for the business.